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SOPE Subcommittees

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SOPE Pediatric Echocardiography Advocacy and Sonographer Education Subcommittee

Utilize the diverse talents and experiences of pediatric echo faculty and sonographers to advocate for solutions to issues unique to pediatric sonography.

Recruit, Train, Improve, Retain

Committee Members

Curt Degroff
Pierre Wong 
Allyson Doucet
Michelle Skrobot
Joan Lipinski
Danielle Labadie
Riley Bigelow
Luciana Young
Lisa Elliott
Michael DiMaria
Joey Goulding,
Sara Shreve 
Co-Chair Garick Hill
Co-Chair Bernadette Richards

SOPE Education Subcommittee

In 2019 SOPE provided its first webinar in conjunction with the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). This inaugural webinar by Bernadette Richards, FASE, RDCS, Technical Director, Echo Lab at Nationwide Children’s Hospital was titled “Shoptalk: Imaging the ACHD patient’. There were over 1000 attendees with very positive feedback including a request for more congenital webinars!

Our second very successful live webinar took place on May 29, 2020. Mishella Perez BS, RDMS, RDCS, sonographer educator, Scripps Health San Diego presented “Fetal Echocardiography: Protocol and Technique.” This webinar followed by a Q&A session included AIUM practice parameters for the performance of fetal echocardiography and discussed how to optimize techniques to improve screening for congenital heart disease.

The society plans to continue these CME opportunities in coordination with IAC going forward. Please let us know which topics you would enjoy most!

Subcommittee Co-Chairs
Co-Chair Jennifer Co-Vu

Co-Chair Carolyn Wilhelm

Subcommittee Members
Ruchika Karnik

Jenna Keelan

Shannon Nees

Nitin Madan

Joan Lipinski  

Raymond Lorenzoni

Shubhika Srivastava

Bernadette Richards

Seda Tierney

Shivani G Patel

Dawn Park

Neha Soni-Patel

Katherine Glover

Samantha Kops

Charles Simpkin 

Emily Ribeiro 


SOPE Career and Development Subcommittee

The Early Career Development subcommittee seeks to provide a range of resources for junior physicians and sonographers to help launch their careers in echocardiography. Our initial venture will pair mentors and mentees with similar interests/goals together to allow individualized guidance.

Interested individuals can sign up on our website. Future plans include webinars with expert panels on a range of topics, including job search, CV composition, and building a research career in imaging.

Please contact Andrew Rodenbarger, MD with any ideas you have for the Early Career Development subcommittee.

Subcommittee Members


Andrew Rodenbarger, Riley Children’s Hospital

Ruchira Garg, Cedars Sinai

Katie Jo Stauffer, Stanford



Mary Donofrio, Children’s National

Julie Glickstein, Columbia

Mike DiLorenzo, Columbia

Tyler Fick, Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Anitha Parthiban, Texas Children’s Hospital

Nadine Choueiter, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

Simon Lee, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nicole Cresalia, UCSF


Our Mission

SOPE Echo Lab Collaborative Subcommittee

The Pediatric Echo Lab Collaborative launched and was announced at the annual SOPE meeting in 2019. The goal is to be a learning collaborative using echocardiography to improve the quality and value of echocardiography and the outcome of children with congenital and acquired heart disease. As such, we have launched our first project entitled “Reducing Discrepancies between Preoperative Echo and Intraoperative findings”. This quality improvement project will determine the type of discrepancies made on preoperative echocardiography compared to intraoperative findings.

Ultimately, the goal is to minimize these discrepancies. This effort has been led by Shobha Natarajan and Meryl Cohen. A pilot group of institutions will start collecting prospective data this summer and then it will be opened to the entire SOPE community at large to participate.

For more information on how your center can participate in the Pediatric Echo Lab Collaborative, please email: or We encourage submissions of ideas for projects. Pediatric sonographers are encouraged to submit ideas directly related to their work environment.

Project Lead

Shobha Natarajan (CHOP) 
Subcommittee Members 
Aarti Bhat, Pei-Ne Jone, Meryl Cohen


SOPE Communications

The Communications Subcommittee plans to distribute newsletters quarterly. We will also be working on increasing SOPE’s social media presence, as well as helping Tara Foy at FirstPoint management to revise our website. Please reach out to Beth Printz at with any suggestions you may have!

Subcommittee Members

Co-chair: Beth Printz, MD


Jenn Co-Vu

Sujatha Buddhe

Jeffery Dayton

Melissa Wasserman

Janet Barnes


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